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         The purpose of this site

Welcome! We hope you find this site helpful as you address issues and needs for yourself or a loved one. Facing serious emotional difficulties can feel daunting but we believe you can “find a way” to live a healthier life.  The paths look different for each person. Each person’s way might include a variety of paths, perhaps different from the usual path. What is most important is to continue the search and know that support is available.


We want to help the process by offering guidance about possible resources.  As contributors we are retired professionals in the fields of teaching, health care and law. We have seen a need in the mental health community and have responded by organizing this site for your use.  


How to use this site


There are five main sections on this site, listed below:


  1. Treatments available: Mainstream medical model and alternatives, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), functional medicine, integrative medicine, open dialogue, psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral, Mindfulness, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)/acupuncture, yoga and Kundalini yoga, spiritualism, nutritional approaches, Peer counseling/support, self help, hearing voices therapy, creative and expressive art theray, and residential treatment centers.


  1. Life Needs: Therapists/other support(residences, peer, coming off meds), nutrition, health), health/nutrition, finance/support, housing, working, socializing, education, legal, and family resources.


  1. Resources: Includes web sites, books and articles, organizations and individuals


  1. Issues/opinions: What’s on your mind?


5. Reflecting: Your stories, poems, art



The site is still under development. Feedback and suggestions are welcome! We invite you to share your experiences, information and resources, so that others may benefit.  


If you find this site to be helpful, please donate what you can. Thank you.

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