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What are the issues that concern you? Here are a some that are on people's minds.


Should we use the term "schizophrenia"? Or "mentally ill"?

One response to consider is Let's Find Language More Inclusive Than the Phrase "Mentally Ill"!, by David Oaks, with MindFreedom International,


From the perspective of funcional psychiatry, the same symptoms may have different causes or sources in different people. Is that not perhaps true of "schizophrenia", or whatever term we find useful?


What are the roles/interactions, and can we assume that there are roles/interactions, of different aspects of people - body, mind, emotions, spirit, society and environment - in emotional "dis-ease"?


What is the role of society in "causing" emotional dis-ease?

R.D. Laing said that insanity is a sane reaction to an insane society.


Is there a "best" type of therapy, or does it depend on the person and the therapist, or are there principles that cut across type of therapy and types of people?



These are some issues. What are burning issues for you? Let us know what you think, and we will try to find some opinions which we think can help shed some light-- maybe yours.

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