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Spirituality and religion play very significant roles in the lives of most Americans. (Mohr, Brandt, Borras, Gillieron & Huguelet, 2006). Approximately 90% of medical schools in the US have courses on spirituality and health. (Koenig, Hooten, Lindsay-Calkins & Meador, 2010). In Eastern and traditional healing systems, like yoga and traditional Chinese mediciane, spirit is central. Interestingly, as practised in the West, spirit is often removed.


Nonetheless, spirit and spiritualism, are being increasingly recognized as important. One form of this recognition is Spiritism. According to Spiritism, spirits and people are involved in an eternal cycle of reincarnation. By correcting mistakes and increasing knowledge, people can thereby evolve into better beings. Spiritism as a practise is not an organized religion with worship and priests, but sees itself as consistent with science. It focuses on moral improvement and helping others. For instance, Spritism has established many hospitals in Brazil which are recognized for their success with treating people with psychological difficulties, including schizophrenia (Bragdon, 2012).


Spiritualism is also inherent in much of what is known as energy medicine (Mercola, 2013; Cassani, 2012), as well as in Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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